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Website Apologizes for Game Leak and Donates 1 Million Pounds

TI Media owns a video game website. It is a British Magazine along with a Digital Publisher. They have now apologized to Take-Two Interactive for running news, which is based on the leak of Red Dead Redemption 2. This has resulted in TI Media donating more than 1 million pounds to charities selected by Take-Two Games. As per the post published on the site on Thursday afternoon, it was back on 6th February of this year; an article was published, which got sourced from a highly confidential corporate document. They accept the fact that they should have understood the gravity of the situation, as it was confidential and hence should not have published it on their website. TI Media expressed their sincere apologies to take -Two Games and they have given an undertaking to not repeat this kind of actions again in future.

The article contained a number of aspects related to the game, including battle royal mode. Now, this apology has replaced the article. When media house contacted Trusted Reviews and Rockstar Games with questions if any laws were violated while obtaining confidential corporate information, none of them came up with any kind of response. Take-Two issued a statement related to the apology. They stressed the fact that they take security issue very seriously and will consider taking legal actions against any publication of the person who leaks secret information. Rockstar Games directed the funds for settlement to the three charities, namely the American Prairie Reserve, the American Indian College Fund and the First Nations Development Institute.

In the field of entertainment, leaks tend to be quite a usual thing. Still, very seldom this kind of a situation leading to legal action or even taking it down completely. Back in the year 2011, publishing of a series of stories had unveiled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in a premature manner. The leak managed to disclose images, audio, details of the plot, weapons and modes from the game. That was one of the biggest leaks in the history of the video games industry. Activision neither tried to take the series down nor did it contemplate in taking legal action. They only pushed their advertising campaign forward.

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