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The US Homepage of Google Gets a New Look Due to Discover Feed

Google is aiming to add more content to their homepage with the help of Discover. It was in the month of September when Google unveiled Google Discover during their 20th-anniversary celebration. Google has now confirmed that the feature is set to roll out on mobile devices during this week. Discover brings up content to people’s homepages based upon what Google feels they might be interested in. So people can see different posts related to sports, videos on YouTube or even certain articles from different websites.

One can see their Google Discover page once they open up the Google application on their mobile devices. They can even visit the page by going to in their mobile browser. People can turn Google Discover on and off by going to Menu followed by a click on Settings, followed by a click on Discover in the Google app or on the mobile website of Google. Discover shows up only that content on people, based upon their activities on website and application. They take an individual’s information related to their device and location.

Everything that gets posted in Discover, people will be able to notice a toggle. The toggle will help everyone choose to see content on almost on all the given topics. Though this is quite similar to what is already available, still it looks a bit different. Google even lets people see the customized versions of all the content. Another new thing is the support for multiple languages. Google makes use of the example of food recipes displayed in the Spanish language while sports content will be in English. If anyone is willing to see the results in more than one language, then he or she will need to select that from the settings menu. People, who are in need of further information, can check out the support page of Google Discover. They can go through the necessary instructions provided out there, related to the customization of one’s Discover page.

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