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The Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship Makes a Sharp Tilt to One Side

As per the reports of CBS New York, a Carnival cruise ship tilted to one side on Sunday night. This resulted in sending off loose items to slide and fall all around, thereby terrifying the passengers. The news station says that it is a classic case of chaos on the high seas. The Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship leaned to one side only a few hours after leaving Port Canaveral in Florida for the Caribbean.

The Cruise Line has issued a statement over the issue. They said that the bumpy start to the voyage was caused due to a technical glitch. A Passenger named Kyla Williams told the news agency that she needed her husband to hold her up to ensure, she did not fall. She could feel the ship rolling off to one side and every single thing falling down from it. The experience was such that she would never ever forget. Another passenger named David Crews of Long Island in New York also expressed his experience. For him, it is quite common for ships to behave in a topsy-turvy manner by rocking back and forth. He said that, in this case, the Cruise Ship did not rock back but kept on leaning. There were plates and silverware on the tables, which managed to slide off. Then, the tables also started to slide down. The whole environment was chaotic, with cries, screams and panic all around.

Carnival said that boat managed to level out after a minute or so, then kept going on its route. The guests received a letter from the captain, in the day after the incident, carrying the explanation of what exactly happened. He even offered each person on-board, a credit of $50, so that they could have some kind of enjoyment. The day after saw a passenger mention on social media that a credit of $50 is not sufficient. One of the oldest ship in the fleet of Carnival is The Carnival Sunshine. It was launched with the name of the Carnival Destiny in 1996. It was the largest cruise ship of the world at that time. Seven years later, the cruise ship was renamed after undergoing a renovation.

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