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Study Shows Proof of Link between Brain Cancer and Cell phone Radiation

Health experts have had problems to find out if cell phones can result in cancer, for a number of decades. Finally, on Thursday, a federal agency came up with the final results of what experts believe to be the largest as well as the costliest experiment in the world to take a look into the question. The study dates back when Bill Clinton was the President of America, has cost an amount of $30 million and even involved around 3000 rodents. The National Toxicology Program conducted the experiment. It found positive but fairly modest evidence of the fact that radio waves from some kinds of cell phones could increase the risk that male rats go on to develop brain cancer. A senior scientist at the National Toxicology Program, John Bucher said in a statement that he certainly believes there is a reality in the link noticed between the radiation out of radio frequency and tumors in male rats.

Back in May 2016, the toxicology program released a draft in a preliminary fashion, related to the study findings. They said it was likely that radiation was the likely cause behind the brain tumors. This year, in the month of February, they backed away from that, kind of a firm conclusion, in a draft report. In the case of rats, the exposures began well before they were born and went up until they were 2 years old. The study even found out that around 5 to 7 percent of the male rats exposed to the highest form of radiation, developed some heart tumors. Those are named as malignant schwannomas. Malignant Schwannomas bear similarity to acoustic neuromas, which can develop in people, right in the nerve that connects the ear and the brain.

Finally, Dr. Bucher said about the use of cellphones that he has never been a heavy user. Due to this study, still, he has become even more aware of the possible outcomes. He especially talked of long calls, where he said that he attempted to use earbuds or even find other ways out to increase the distance between his body and the cell phone. This was to keep up with the advice he issued to consumers about the manner in which they can lower down their exposure.

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