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FDA Approves New Opioid in the Midst of Increasing Addiction Crisis

The Crisis of Opioid is affecting the United States in an adverse manner. Now, on Friday the US Food and Drug Administration approved a brand new medication for Opioid. This is at least five to ten times more powerful than fentanyl. AcelRx Pharmaceuticals has made Dsuvia, a tablet in a single-dose. According to the company, this is a prefilled applicator to get administered under the tongue. It is given by health care providers to patients in surgical centres, hospitals and emergency rooms. The Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, Dr Scott Gottlieb was prompt enough to defend the approval of this new opioid. He said through a statement on Friday that the agency is taking up new steps to tackle this crisis in a more active manner. They are even paying close attention to the needs and requirements of patients as well as physicians in managing pain.

In the month of April, Scott Gottlieb told that opioids are truly the biggest crisis, which the nation is facing right now. He believes that the crisis is getting fuelled up only because of the opioids getting overprescribed. The figures say everything about it. There is an increasing number of people in the United States, who die out of overdose of this drug than they die from breast cancer. Now, after the approval of Dsuvia from FDA, Gottlieb accepted that opioids belong to a completely unique class of medications. One will neither get the DSUVIA in retail pharmacies nor will it be used for outpatients. The distribution of DSUVIA will take place in all those healthcare certified in the DSUVIA Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy program.

An advisory committee of FDA rejected Dsuvia in 2017 as the committee wanted more data. AcelRx made a return to the committee this year and on 12th October, the approval for the drug was recommended. It is expected that the drug will be available during the first quarter of next year. DSUVIA is a non-invasive medicine, which leads to a rapid reduction in the intensity of pain. It provides a very important alternative for healthcare providers to offer patients for managing their acute pain.

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