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Elon Musk Feels the Irony of Him Dying On Mars is Highly Probable

The rocket company of Elon Musk, SpaceX and he himself wants to send people to Mars and ultimately look to make appropriate use of the red planet. Presently, the goal looks to be a lot closer to reality than the time when Elon Musk founded SpaceX back in the year 2002. The company is progressing towards building up a fully reusable launch system to achieve the target of getting to Mars. The system is known as Big Falcon Rocket and SpaceX is even carrying out workshops for mission’s plans with NASA and other notable experts.

The trip will not be easy, which Musk has admitted on a frequent basis. It was in the year 2016 itself when Musk predicted that the first trip to Mars is going to be a really dangerous one. He felt that the risk of encountering fatalities will be quite high. According to him, there was no way to get around it. Musk even stressed the fact that, the trip will almost ask questions to people traveling to Mars if they are ready to die. Despite all this, Musk has kept the possibility open that he could one day go on a mission to Mars, even though it is not the first one. Due to this, when he appeared in an interview on Friday with journalist Kara Swisher, she raised the same topic. She asked that last time during their discussion, Musk told her, he would want to die on Mars, just not land over there. To this, Musk said that the situation would be really ironic if that indeed happened. While giving an explanation for his thinking, Elon Musk quoted a friend, who said that the most ironic result is the most likely.

Kara Swisher and Elon Musk, after all the jokes around Musk’s prophecy that he would want to die on Mars, went on to discuss serious kinds of stuff related to SpaceX. They discussed the company’s progress on their Falcon 9 rockets, the Commercial Crew Program to launch astronauts of NASA into space and also on pushing the envelope of reusable launch systems.

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