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CDC Director Feels that Pandemic Flu is Highly Possible

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is paying close attention to the problem of the flu. This is after the highest number of deaths was suffered due to the virus last year. The Director of CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield said he has one of the biggest fears going on at the back of his mind. This is regarding another pandemic, which the Director feels is highly possible. He said pandemic flu is that one thing, which makes him stay up during the night. According to The Director, the best preparation to tackle the pandemic is to maximize their response towards seasonal flu.

The Government of The United States makes an estimate that 80,000 Americans lost their lives from flu along with the complications related to it during last winter. That happened to be the highest death toll out of the disease for a minimum of 40 years. The Director mentioned that the country lost more children in the year 2017 from deaths due to flu than any other year since the time CDC started to record. Majority of those children, who died out of the flu, were unfortunately not vaccinated. Redfield says, he would like to argue that immunization is indeed one of the most effective tools they have, to get rid of diseases. The US President, Donald Trump previously said that he was contemplating getting a task force, who would look into the negative aspects of vaccines. Redfield said that he did not personally discuss anything related to vaccination with the President. He cited the example of polio that is on the verge of getting eliminated from the world, which is only due to vaccination.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends each and everyone aged six months and older to get vaccinated against flu each year. According to the officials of the State Health Department, a child in Florida turned out to be the first person to die of the flu this particular season last month. The Epidemiologists of the State said that the child did not get the vaccine but was keeping healthy. This was before getting sick with the flu.

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